Monday, 8 April 2013

Inspiring Reads: Lady Snowblood Vol.1

My artwork is greatly inspired by the vibrant culture of Japan and Manga is no exception to that. I have read Manga since I was a teenager and I believe these small books containing black and white illustrations are the main reason why I prefer to use tone and texture in my drawings with very limited or no colour.

Lady Snowblood is one of my favourite Manga series. The front cover with its striking yellow, black and red colour palette is visually exciting. The content is even better. If you haven't heard of the Lady Snowblood Manga you will be familiar with the Quentin Tarantino films, Kill Bill 1 & 2 which is said to have been inspired by Lady Snowblood. Dark Horse comics eventually released the books in English for western audiences to enjoy.

Volume 1 sees the introduction of the main protagonist, Yuki, whose father was brutally murdered and her mother abused. Her mother assassinated one of her husband's killers leaving her imprisoned for life. The mother's need for vengeance against the gang who killed her husband was so great that she seduced a prison guard in order to become pregnant. The idea of the pregnancy was to produce a child, Yuki, who would be able to carry out the revenge that her mother could not. Yuki's mother died in childbirth but a close friend explained her mother's wishes.

Yuki becomes a skilful assassin who murder's for a fee of 1000 yen.

The book was also turned into a film in the seventies but for me it doesn't live up to the book.

What inspires your artwork? Drop me a note in the comments section with a link to your blog or website.

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