Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Crafty Exploits: Embroidery- The Library

Okay I admit I have taken forever to finish this embroidery let alone post it on the blog. The actual stitched design is A3 in size so all of the little books took a wee while to stitch. Also I have to admit that after a while your attention starts to thin when completing something like this. I tend to create very laborious works of art and if it happens that I have to do similar stitching over and over again I will sometimes take a break from it. That's exactly what happened here!

The work itself is stitched on linen which has been attached to a wooden frame. The threads I use are embroidery cotton on a reel (rather than floss) so it does take a while to fill areas with dense colour.

I'm preparing some linen so I can begin another (quicker) design tonight so I hopefully won't take as long to post next time.

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