Saturday, 20 April 2013

Designer Picks: Super Kawaii!

I think I've mentioned once or twice on the blog that I love Japan! I really admire the use of colour and clashing pattern in Japanese culture. When I visited a few years ago, we spent some time in the Harajuku district (famous for cosplay and Kawaii style). As well as the hundreds of teenagers dressed as Manga characters there was also some amazing designer boutiques that I found the interior design and product styling within each very inspirational. The Anna Sui store in particular was great to spend some time in.

I've pulled together some products available online that I think have the playfulness of Japanese style and culture.

Hope you enjoy!

1.  Mini Camera, Ann Mich Treasure Box  2.  Cute Kitty Art Print, Willow Eyes  3.  Kawaii Necklace, Didepux  4.  Bunny Plastic Bag, Harvard5f  5.  Alec The Hipster Bunny, Hello Happy  6.  Felt Bone Clip, Pop and Moo  7.  Kawaii Memo Sticker, Harvard5f

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