Saturday, 13 April 2013

Embroiderer's Delight: Pin Cushions

I sew at home (a lot!). My husband is now at the stage where he's afraid to walk across the carpet or sit on the sofa for fear of getting a pin stuck where one doesn't want a pin stuck.
I love having nice sewing supplies. I know that you can buy embroidery scissors in nice sensible steel for 4 quid but I have lovely metallic cranberry coloured ones for 12 quid. So the same logic applies to pin cushions.

I have found a pretty selection of pin cushions available to purchase online for all of you embroiderers who like lovely sewing supplies like me. Enjoy!

1. Crown Pin Cushion, Liberty  2Teacup Pin Cushion, Sew Over It   3. Button Pin Cushion, Eva Jeanie

4Hemingway Pin Cushion, John Lewis  5East India Pin Cushion, John Lewis  6Black Forest Pin Cushion, Lily Lily Handmade

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