Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Embroiderer's Delight: Scissors

Okay this isn't a post about any old scissors, this is all about embroidery scissors. You know the little tiny scissors that are perfect for snipping thread or picking out stitching mistakes. The exact same little scissors that you will freak out if you find that someone has mis-used (like when the man in your life innocently opens a parcel with them and lives to regret it).

For those of you who would like some special scissors to use on your equally special embroidery projects, here's some very nice ones available online.


1. Magenta Scissors, Sublime Stitching  2. Wicked Step Scissors, Sublime Stitching 
3. Swan Scissors, John Lewis  4. Colourful Embroidery Scissors, The Button Company 
5. Stork Scissors, Ernest Wright & Son  6Victoria Embroidery Scissors, Ray Stitch

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