Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Designer Picks: Red Brick

Hello my name's Michelle and i'm a scarf-a holic. There I said it. I have baskets overflowing with scarves of various designs, sizes and prices. Scarves might not be most ladies first choice in favourite accessories but I love the way a nice scarf can cheer up a pretty boring (or cheap) coat. I have to be honest, I rarely buy scarves from the highstreet because no matter how lovely the design, I know there will be so many other people who have it as well. I normally pick up my favourite scarves from independent shops and vintage stores. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Red Brick online.

This online store is a haven for scarves with unique designs courtesy of Royal College of Art graduate, Karen Mabon. Prices for silk scarves start at £35 which is a bargain for something to brighten up any tired wardrobe.

Here are my favourites...

Robbery in a Sweet Shop

Space Race
Circus Gymnast
Rabbits in the Allotment

Tippi Hedren

Pick up all of these designs and more at

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