Thursday, 24 October 2013

Paperfolk Loves... Heng Lee

I always find it really interesting when artists fuse materials that are quite often viewed as being opposites. I was really excited when I came across the work of jewellery artist Heng Lee. Although his portfolio is quite varied, it was his embroidered jewellery that caught my eye. I always enjoy seeing embroidery and metals placed together because one is often futuristic and cold in appearance while the other has connotations of warmth and versatility.

The pieces below are so beautifully delicate and modern... Enjoy!



  1. Wow these are stunning. Love his use of colour, it is so bright but also quite subtle

    1. Yeah they're great aren't they. Its one of those situations where i'm jealous I hadn't thought of doing it! I always end up going quite loud with my embroidery colour schemes...