Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday Musings: Vintage Cameras

Image via Etsy shop AndreKart available here

Don't know whether it's my background in photography or my love of a bit of nostalgia but I really miss cameras that have film in them!

Please don't get me wrong I love the convenience of digital and the cost saving but I also miss the anticipation of waiting for my film to be processed. One of my favourite things is looking through my mum's biscuit tins full of family photos and finding all of the dodgy pictures, y'know the ones with plants growing out of peoples heads, overly white faces from a bright flash and tops of heads cut off. I don't know how much we'll come across images like that in the future when everyone often deletes a 'bad' pic.

I say hang onto your dodgy pictures for future generations' amusement!

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