Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Embroiderer's Delight... Notebooks

Don't know about you guys but I have a (not so secret) addiction to stationary purchases. I hold my hands up and admit I am an avid list writer and no I don't want all my different lists kept neatly in one old notebook. I would prefer to have several books to keep the shopping list separate from the craft ideas list thank you very much.

I expect if you're a creative person you'll understand where i'm coming from with the stationary madness. With that in mind I've pulled together a list (surprise surprise!) of some of my favourite notebooks available online at the moment. Imagine writing on that first lovely, crisp white page... go on you know you want to.

Buy me here for £8
Buy me here
Buy me here for £20
Buy me here for £15
Buy me here for £10.20
Buy me here for £10

Buy me here from £5



  1. I am TOTALLY addicted to buying notebooks!I think I like the red flowery one best :)

    1. Yeah I always like the work of Lisa Stickley- so pretty and retro.
      I need to try and work on finishing a notebook before starting another one!