Friday, 30 August 2013

Daily Drawings: Paint & Pen Experiments

I have the intention of working on some quite large canvas that's lying around in the studio but my painting skills are pretty rusty!
I like to combine a few different materials but usually I go with acrylic paint, paper layers and ink. I tend to be an 'overworker' when it comes to painting so I usually have to leave things for a few days and come back to them so that I don't mess up hours of hard work by adding a little too much of something!
I decided to mess around with some small (10cm x 10cm) canvas and tried to use actual pen on top of paint instead of ink with a brush. The results are quite patchy and, between you and I, I absolutely hate the one with the purple triangles on it (see what I mean with the overworking and not leaving time to think!)

Enjoy x

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