Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Paperfolk loves... Lauren DiCioccio

First of all let me apologise for my absence on the blogging front recently- we've had a lot going on and before I knew a couple of weeks went by!

I thought I would make it up to you all by showing some beautiful work by artist Lauren DiCioccio. Lauren uses objects and fibers to create sculptures and installations that look at the relationship we have with objects which are quickly becoming obsolete. The world we live in is so fast paced that technology is quickly replacing items that we at one time would have held in our hands (books, vinyl. slides etc).
Her use of colour and variety of stitch is beautiful. I also love how she doesn't completely stitch the whole image in the newspaper works but selectively applies stitches and colour to create well know celebrities.
I was just discussing with a friend the other day how the onslaught of constantly upgraded technology has also been a factor in the continued interest in craft.


1FEB10 Lady Gaga

13MAR10 Richard Fuld (detail)

13MAR10 Richard Fuld

14MAR10 Marcus Morris

Green Parked Car 2010

Him and Her 2010

Cross Stitched Books

Cross Stitched Books

Looking through the windows 2008

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