Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beyond Banksy...

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While I was browsing the internet I came across a project/exhibition that I've been meaning to write about but just haven't got round to it.
Last year I was down in London, staying in Shoreditch and I noticed a few pieces of street art that were really interesting. Not thinking anything of it I put it down to a happy encounter if nothing else. When I came back home after Christmas I found out about the 'Beyond Banksy: Not another gift shop' exhibition curated by the Street Museum of Art.
This reminded me of when I was in Barcelona around 13 years ago and I was amazed at the street art that seemed to go beyond just 'writing your name on a wall'. The work was so political and the artists had amazing skills in drawing and use of colour, not to mention working on a huge scale. I'm so glad to see this type of work being showcased in Britain because I think street art still has negative connotations in this country which is a shame because its one of the most accessible art forms and very non-elitist.

The curators invited a group of artists who use the urban environment as a medium in their work. Each of the artists is so different in their style and how they use the medium. I've loved the work of Brooklyn based artists, Faile, for a long time and i'm pleased to see their work among the artists. I hadn't come across the work of Phlegm before but I enjoyed the links to folk art in their work merged with the urban environment.

Some of the works in the exhibition...

Work by Phlegm
Work by Faile
Work by Skewville

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