Thursday, 13 June 2013

Designer Picks: Embroidered Shoes

I was rooting around online and came across the Caroline Issa collection for LK Bennett. The collection of classic heeled shoes and clutch bags is given a twist with bright embroidery and pom poms. The designs are heavily influenced by Thai embroidery in both motifs and colour palette. I thought it was quite an interesting collection for LK Bennett especially since they are normally quite a traditional brand.

Anyway, the collection got me thinking about embroidered shoes and how they have come a long way from the heavily embroidered silk shoes of Marie Antoinette's time. So many designers and artists have now come to realise the versatility of embroidery and have created some amazing pieces as a result. Here are a few i found to be very inspiring...
Raf Simons
Charlotte Olympia
Dolce and Gabanna
Richard Saja
I would love to own a pair of embroidered shoes but living in Scotland with our rain levels it just isn't practical!

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