Friday, 22 March 2013

Inspiration: Tokyo

Apologies for not posting over the past few days. I've been working on some new drawings and embroideries which i'll share with you soon!
In the meantime, I thought I would share some snaps from my travels to Japan. To be honest I took over 600 photographs while we were in Tokyo so count yourself lucky I've edited it down for this post...
The images below are of the large, famous fish market in the middle of Tokyo. You have to go really early to visit since it opens at 4am. We headed along for 6am on the first day of our trip since we were trying to get over jet lag. It turned out it was a national holiday so the place was deserted. Although we went back a few days later when it was busy, I definitely preferred the photographs from this trip
The image below is from the main entrance to the shopping district in Harajuku. I was completely overwhelmed at the number of people in this area on a Tuesday morning! 
Despite all of the photographs I took on my trip I don't think I ever managed to capture how light the streets were at night time with neon signs. This is an image from the main street in Ginza. Ginza is an expensive shopping district where the shop window displays were a sight in themselves. 

Couldn't really go to Japan and not get a photograph in of some sushi. Definitely better than the supermarket packs i'm used to here in the UK!

This image was from a viewing tower in the centre of Tokyo- you can see 360 degrees around the city.

We visited a contemporary art gallery located on the top floor of a shopping centre. Some of the artworks on display were amazing and very interactive.

This Louise Bourgeois sculpture was located outside of the shopping centre which housed a contemporary art gallery. I loved the number of artworks in the city that were quite unexpected and also weren't tampered with in any way by the public.

This image made me laugh- dogs going wild in a pram! The number of dogs I seen in prams was astonishing.

This is an image from Asakusa. We got to this part of Tokyo by boat. It was much more touristy and tacky I felt than other districts. The tour groups with coloured hats was a regular sight during the holiday.

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