Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hey I made you a mixtape!

I always listen to music while I'm working. It really affects the work I produce and also helps me to block out whatever else is going on in the house (my studio is in the attic).
As a new post I thought I would share my playlists with you along with a drawing. I'm not sure yet how often I will be able to post but I will do my best to aim for once a week.
If you have any suggestions for good music to create to please let me know...

So I went a bit old school on this playlist and did a bit of throwback to the nineties. Here's some Brit Pop and Indie Rock. Enjoy! I'm off to get my Adidas Campus on and watch My So Called Life...

1.  Trash - Suede

2.  Do You Remember the First Time? - Pulp

3.  Sale of the Century - Sleeper

4.  Stupid Girl - Garbage

5.  I am the Resurrection - Stone Roses

6.  Spin Spin Sugar - Sneaker Pimps

7.  Girl From Mars - Ash

8.  Ladykiller - Lush

9.  Debaser - Pixies

10. Alright - Supergrass

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