Monday, 25 February 2013

Paperfolk Likes... Quirky

The last couple of  Paperfolk Likes posts have been focused on patterns that I find to be inspiring. With this one I decided to focus on quirky images and artworks that I have been storing away. One of the aims of Paperfolk is to try to create unusual designs that always start their life as illustrations. I'm always looking for new characters, compositions and fantastical places that will eventually become a new product.
I have always been inspired by Japan because of the use of colour and attention to detail (especially with packaging). The Paperfolk pinterest boards are always full of Japanese products and artworks.

The images above have inspired me greatly. Although I always create my own works I find that looking at other works helps to get me to the right place mentally so I can produce my own designs.

More Paperfolk Likes posts coming soon...

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