Saturday, 23 February 2013

Paperfolk Likes... Dots

I'm spending some time at the moment creating new products for Paperfolk which will be ready for the shop in the next couple of months. While my Etsy shop has been closed I've taken the opportunity to have a think about the brand and the things that inspire me most. I'm always on the lookout for inspiring images and constantly research online. I have pulled together a selection of some images that I have inspired me and help me get out of a creative rut.

Dots of any description are a main part of the Paperfolk design process and I often use them to create shade and texture to try and avoid illustrated pieces looking too flat. As you can see from my origami bear brooch below I can spend quite a lot of time (and ruin quite a few pen nibs) dotting some drawings!

Paperfolk Origami Bear Brooch (
I'd love to hear what inspires you or if you have any good dot images to share. All of these images and more can be found on the Paperfolk pinterest board.
More inspiration boards will be coming soon... 

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