Thursday, 21 February 2013

Inspiring Reads: The Fir Tree

The story of the Fir Tree was written by Hans Christian Anderson and has been given a makeover by artist, Sanna Annukka ( ). The book is clothbound with gold foil design and beautiful typography especially considering it's price at £8.99. Annukka's illustrations are geometric and scandanavian in style which suits the story well. Every section of the book has a change in colour palette which is reflected in the typography of the first letter of the chapter as well. The change in colour palettes isn't messy or confusing because the style of illustration keeps the continuity. I particularly love the simplicity of Annukka's work and her use of pattern to break up the flatness of the work, allowing her to use dark colour palettes without becoming dense. This would be a beautiful present for a child or adult- it's worth it for the artwork alone.

I believe the edition has now sold out according to Sanna Annukka's website but it is still available through Amazon.

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