Thursday, 28 May 2015

Paperfolk Picks

What I'm reading...

I've been a fan of Vivienne Westwood for years. Westwood's clothing isn't to everyone's taste but I love the cut and use of pattern in her clothes. It's funny that although I didn't know a great deal about her, I somehow knew her life story would be interesting! Westwood's new autobiography is a hardback tomb that is surprisingly easy to flick through. Each segment deals with important points in her life that have been inspirational and vital to her life in the world of fashion. I haven't quite finished it yet but i'll be sad when it's all over. Buy it here

What i'm listening to...

I'm a big fan of Sufjan Stevens but over the past couple of years i haven't been bowled over by any of his works. Carrie and Lowell is a return to Steven's older style and is a bit of tear jerker (although to be fair i'm pretty soft when it comes to sentimentality in music). Give it a whirl you won't be disappointed. Buy it here

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