Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Organic Crafting

I've been making some changes to eating and cosmetics habits to lead a more healthy, organic lifestyle. I haven't been too crazy about it, just making changes where I can and when it's financially viable. 
One of the reasons I got into crafting in the first place was because it was affordable, it didn't require many specialist materials, most likely things my mum already had in her mending box. I feel it's really important to make sure that crafting is accessible for all.
At one time organic and Fairtrade fabrics cost a lot of money and we would all be a bit hesitant at trying out a project on a fabric that cost a lot of cash. Now things have changed and it's much easier to make a choice to be organic or Fairtrade (or both). Living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn't always have to mean purchasing from expensive haberdashery stores, in fact the best option if you are crafting is to use second hand fabric! 

If you do choose to give second hand a miss I thought I would share a few contacts where you can find a high quality range of fabrics and embroidery thread that are either organic or Fairtrade...

Fairtrade Fabric : A company who works with producers to ensure they receive a fair wage and also produce items which use minimal chemicals in their processing. 

House of Embroidery : South African embroidery house that specialises in embroidery thread of various colours, strands and thickness.

Organic Cotton Plus : This company started as a 5 generation cotton farm in Texas that became a certified organic farm in 1991. They sell a nice range of fabrics in various styles and weights. 

Raystitch : A London based shop with an online shop too. They sell a variety of fabrics and notions but doublecheck to make sure the one you choose is organic as they also sell non-organic too. 

If you have any other companies that you enjoying purchasing from (particularly if they are UK based) please let me know in the comments section. 

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