Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Paperfolk makes... Stocking Garland

Okay this is a very simple project because the main maker is only 21 months old! I've been looking for lots of arty projects for Christmas that my little girl can take part in so the criteria is that it's got to be fast and can't be too fiddly. 
We made this cute garland in around 20 mins. All that's needed is some colourful felt that can be used to cut out simple Christmas shapes (we opted for stockings but trees or star shapes will do), ric rac ribbon or twine, colourful embellishments and glue. I used sticks of glitter glue because my little girl likes them and she can control a glue pen better than a glue spreader. We covered all of the stockings in embellishments then put them to the side to dry. I decided to stitch the stockings to the ribbon but you can always use glue to make it easier. 

The great thing with this is that the more colour and sparkles the better because it's supposed to look kitsch not classy! So the kids can go wild ...

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