Monday, 4 November 2013

Paperfolk Loves... The Two Handed Stitcher

So now that Halloween has passed I assume it's sort of okay to mention the C- word? I love everything about Christmas and would quite happily begin the countdown from Summer onwards but I know that for most this would be off-putting and frankly quite weird.

When I was trawling the internet for some festive needlework I came across the Two Handed Stitcher or Laura J. Perin as she is also known. On her website you'll find some pretty skilled needlepoint work and every year she pulls together some Christmas themed works. I particularly loved the jewel colours used in her Christmas tree pieces. Although her work is very different from my own embroidery work I really feel that Christmas themed pieces can afford to be a little more on the traditional side.

Here are some examples of the Two Handed Stitcher below (there's loads more on her website!)

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