Saturday, 20 July 2013

Paperfolk meets... Nepinka

While I was looking around for some inspiration online I found Nepinka. Using the traditional method of beading she creates jewellery and gifts which are completely unique. For those who don't know much about beading, it's a painstaking process where tiny beads of various colours are stitched or knitted together to create a design. The designs are modern but use a high quality traditional technique to be completed which is great (and time consuming!)

We're lucky to have Nepinka sharing her process with us here on the blog. Please check out her shop and let us know what you think...

Nepinka at work in the studio

How did you get into needlecraft/beadwork?
Once I created a fabric headband for myself. It was beautiful, but I understood, that i'd wear it for one season and then I wouldn't wear it again. I thought it would be nice to create things, that people could wear for years and maybe leave for their children. Especially in modern life, when machines can create millions of similar products without soul. At school I had few lessons in beadwork, and it started to bring back memories of skills I have always had. I also used the internet to find new beading methods and techniques. I've come a long way from basic techniques and cheap beads! I now use complicated techniques and high quality beads to create all of my designs. For example I have mastered the technique of purse bead knitting using 5 needles.

What inspires you in your artworks? 
The things and events around me. For instance I have book with ancient pottery of my land with funny titles like 'Hunter shooting at a bear that attacked hare'. From that book I created a pattern for my 'soldiers' purse. Also as I started to be a vegetarian, I started to work on a vegetables jewelry collection.

Can you give us an insight into your process of creating your products from start to finish?  

My process can last months from  the perfect product inside my head to the actual finished item. I make  a few samples in different techniques and then use different sizes of beads to complete the desired result.

How do you keep yourself organised?  

Beadwork takes time. For small pieces – 1-2 days, big, detailed – 1-2 weeks, purses 1-2 months so in a way I can't forget anything ;) Sometimes i use sticky notes to keep me from forgetting things.

    Do you ever have creative blocks? How do you get through them?  
    It has happened in the past unfortunately. One day I would have thousands of ideas but no time to create, then when I had a lot of time not a single idea what to do! It helps to note or draw the idea or item. I always allow myself to create what I want, or have inspiration for so I always work on a few projects at a time. Working this way means it's pretty hard to find time for creative blocks. I have few collections that I develop when I get some time in between orders. I also started a partnership with a fabric designer, as I think it's nice when fabric and jewelry complement each other.


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