Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Paperfolk Loves... Erin Endicott

As an artist I tend to be drawn into projects which take a long time to complete, I embroider detailed patterns into my illustrations and even when I draw I do so with a 0.05 nib pen which gives incredible detail but adds a lot of hours onto the process! I always hope that my work actually looks like it takes a long time especially to people who are in the know about these things (i.e. other embroiderers).

I love it when I find works which look so labour intensive that I feel such admiration for the person who completed them. This is exactly how I feel about the work of Erin Endicott.

Erin creates sculptural works using embroidery, ink and found objects. As soon as you look at the works they automatically have a sense of history and time attached to them. For me, the works explore memory and the events of life but if you would like to read about the artist's body of work please check out her website here which gives more detail and lots of beautiful images.

Let me know what you think of her work...

Healing Sutra #8
Healing Sutra #11
Healing Sutra #14
Healing Sutra #16

Healing Sutra #17 (detail)
Healing Sutra #22

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