Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Daily Drawings: Gold Girl with Cat Ears


Okay so I'm quite bad at keeping up to date with my research drawings. Its something I have always found really difficult because I tend to approach drawing in the same way as my embroideries (lots of detail and work) so they end up becoming a bit of intensive labour rather than just being a place to sketch out ideas.

In a bid to put a stop to this bad habit I will be trying to complete a drawing every other day and try to spend no longer than an hour on it. All of the drawings will hopefully at some point be turned into an embroidery. I can't promise I'll stick to the schedule but I'll definitely do my best! 

The girl with the cat ears (above) was finished in gold pen. I chose this particular medium because I would have to work quickly with it and it wouldn't offer me the option of doing lots of detail and shading. Plus I wanted to have a think about doing an embroidered piece with gold thread on white cotton. I may change some of the pattern when it comes to the embroidered piece but its definitely given me a starting point to work from.

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