Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Paperfolk Loves ... Rieko Koga

Rieko Koga is a contemporary artist based in France. Working with textiles and thread in both 2D and 3D construction is the main outcome of her practice. I particularly enjoy the spontaneity in the process where it appears as if the work is forming and taking shape as it is being worked on which is very organic. This is the way I like to work in my own practice where I have a loose idea/outline to get me started and then all of the pattern, layering and stitching evolves from there. I always try to keep this way of working even when it is on a larger scale (which can be a bit more daunting since there is always a possibility that it won't work out!) I have quite a few disaster canvases in my loft to prove that it doesn't always work. Rieko's art has the feeling of taking that raw and exciting material from a sketchbook and actually allowing it to evolve into a piece of work. 

If you would like to read and see more please check out Rieko's beautiful website

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