Saturday, 28 March 2015

Paperfolk Picks

What I'm reading... The Mime Order

The Mime Order is the second book from Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season. I was recommended The Bone Season by a friend after I finished the Goldfinch and The Luminaries in quick succession. I needed a light, easy page turner. The books are aimed at a young adult audience but I was hooked! Shannon has created a world in the future that vaguely resembles Britain today but has the addition of the human race being separated into those who have mind controlling powers and those who don't. As would be expected the human race do not tolerate those who have powers and work tirelessly trying to find ways to wipe out their existence. The voyants also have conflict within their own kind and this story is told in the first novel. The Mime Order follows on from The Bone Season and continues to tell the story of Paige Mahoney and her development into an independent adult. The most interesting parts of the novel for me are when we are introduced to non-human characters and of course the detailed battle scenes. There were small sections two thirds of the way trough the novel that could have been shorter and more refined but this is Shannon's first published works so there are bound to be points for development and it will be interesting to see where she goes with book number three. 
In short if you're looking for an easy but interesting read then go for it!

What i'm listening to... The Julie Ruin

I spent my youth listening to Bikini Girl and Le Tigre so naturally I was gutted when Kathleen Hanna seemed to disappear from the music scene never to be heard of again. In the film, The Punk Singer, Hanna describes her battle with illness and it becomes clear why she was no longer able to continue writing and performing. The Julie Ruin is Hanna's new band and although it shows a more mature style there is still the punk element that makes e feel completely nostalgic. Young women need Kathleen Hanna around!

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