Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I can't believe another year has come and gone. I'm sitting here slightly gutted that I can't prolong all my festive decorations for much longer without looking like a lunatic!

All of my friends have been discussing resolutions for this year, albeit pretty easy ones like "Lets get into wine more this year.." or  " Let's eat out more often..." so nothing that's too different from what we already do. 

I feel if I write down some of my goals for this year here on the blog it means i have to at least make more of an effort to do it. 

1. The first thing I will admit is that it's hard to keep going with the blog and all related crafty things when i'm working full time as a manager in a museum and also running after my two year old daughter. In some ways the blog has been a really good guide for me to notice how quickly time is flying by. I sometimes feel as if I posted something yesterday only to look and see it was a week ago! I promise to post more frequently.

2. My aim is to complete a full scale embroidery project that involves all of the stories and characters that have been floating about in my head/sketchbook for a long time. Sometimes my work ends up being quite bitty and makes it difficult to brig together as a body of work. 

3. Do more regular DIY posts for the blog that are really useful for us as a family as well as being easy on the eye. I'm trying to be better at making sure everything we have is functional as well as beautiful. 

4. Bring a bit more of my life into the blog. I'm probably the opposite of some friends who display all aspects of their life online through blogs and social media. I think i have always been slightly wary of doing it, even to the point that there are zero photographs of me with my work. This initially started because i wanted to keep a clear definition of my day job and my play job but it ended up getting a bit ridiculous because people who I converse with online don;t ever recognise me at events!

Okay so that's me, what is everyone else doing?

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