Saturday, 13 September 2014

Paperfolk Loves... Hasta Mostla

After leaving artschool (now 10 years ago!) I trained and worked in Community Arts for a few years. I mostly worked with groups of young people who were disengaged for a variety of reasons. Although I moved on to work in a different type of learning and engagement I can honestly say that those years were probably some of the most rewarding time in my working life.

As a result I have a bit of a soft spot for artist led community collaborations and know how difficult it can be to achieve success in these situations. I came across Hasta Mostla, a project between female embroiderers from Mexico and artists from Mexico and Iberoamerica.

I think the images below speak for themselves but if you would like to check out more work in progress or details there is a project website as well.

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  1. É o resultado da ponte entre a oportunidade e a capacidade... Tenho muita vontade de desenvolver um trabalho tão belo quanto este. Sou de família de bordadeiras e só hoje me vejo apaixonada por essa arte que, embora feita individualmente, só cresce ¨no dar e receber". Parabéns a todas e todos envolvidos no projeto.