Friday, 11 April 2014

Paperfolk Meets... Bohemian Sin

I always admire artists who combine various mediums and techniques but still manage to get beyond simply being experimental, creating beautiful products that are unique artworks to wear. Eugenia from Bohemian Sin shop does exactly that. Her works are fun, colourful, skilful and most importantly wearable! You can see more in her online shop.

Eugenia was kind enough to give us a behind the scenes peek into her textile practice...

How did you get into needlecraft?

I first started with doing things for myself. Like bobby pins from reclaimed fabrics or floral brooches from my old blouses. Later on, I realized that I just have too many just for me to use. But the desire to work and create was still there. I never took classes in this area. I just learned, in baby steps, on my own, by experimenting, mistaking and trying again.

What inspires you in your artworks?

The sources are so various. But the main sources are nature and tribal influences. I love both and I return to them with the same great pleasure every time.

Can you give us an insight into your process of creating your products from start to finish?

It usually starts with ‘’that will be nice to try this or to use this’’! Referring to a certain shape, or bead, or small things. Than, everything evolves gradually into bigger things by adding details, shapes or fabrics that I think will work with the initial idea. Sometimes I wonder ‘’Oh how could I do a certain thing’’? And I keep trying until I get something I like, usually far away from the starting point :)).

How do you keep yourself organized- lists, filing, sketchbooks?

Who said I am organized? They are a big fat liar! I think I’m hopeless regarding in this respect. Never sketch, never know where my needles are, nor my head.

Do you ever have creative blocks? How do you get through them?

Often. If I don’t come with a new idea in more than 5 days I start worrying. In this phase, I usually make myself a large coffee, I lose myself in beautiful things I discover over the internet – photography, art, jewelry. Or I threaten my brain that if it doesn’t come with a new idea I will take it back to my old job! Though my hands can't always manage to reproduce exactly the ideas transmitted from my brain.


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