Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Paperfolk meets... cOnieco

Working in the studio

I am always a huge admirer of artists who employ embroidery techniques that I don't use in my work. Needle painting is one of those techniques that I really admire and often think of taking up myself. Painting with a needle doesn't suit my style of illustration but it works amazingly well with subjects taken from nature. I came across the work of cOnieco when I was rooting around on Pinterest. The artist creates beautiful brooches in Poland and sells her wares on Etsy. Every work looks like a miniature painting and would cheer up any outfit.

We asked cOnieco to share her inspiration and ideas with us...

How did you get into needlecraft?

I'm from an artistic family so creativity has always been a part of my whole life . As a child I used to like to paint, draw and deal with all kinds of handicrafts. I finished art school but I learned a lot of things by myself, including embroidery. I discovered embroidery as a teenager when I found a book about folk embroidery. I really liked it so I decided to try it myself. It came naturally to me because I had a background in various other fields of art. Embroidery is very time consuming so I had to postpone it for a while and got back to it after a few years. I started to play around with  felt and I discovered how good it looks when it's combined with embroidery. Soft painterly effects can be achieved by using the felting technique and  look perfect in combination with an acute line of threads.



What inspires you in your artworks?

Nature itself is my greatest inspiration. It contains all sorts of colours, shapes and textures.


Can you give us an insight into your process of creating your products from start to finish?

Firstly, I make a shape from a piece of wool with a technique called dry felting. Dry felting is completed by using a special felting needle to prod wool until it becomes the thickness/texture needed. I then paint with a needle on the felt, apply colours and in the end embroider finer details.



How do you keep yourself organised?

Unfortunately I'm completely unorganized! I work when I find some spare time and as a freelancer, I never know when it will happen. Mostly my work is based on images which fall into my hands and usually I don't make any sketches.

I have plenty ideas in my head (sometimes too much) which isn't always good because I forget to realize lots of them.



Do you ever have creative blocks? How do you get through them?

I'm really lucky I have never had them. Creating is, for me, a way to kill time and relax. It's a natural need to do something.


  1. Thank you for your excellent article on cOnieco. I was fascinated by the process that she creates her lovely portraits... I could never do that in a zillion years but love to know the process.
    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

    1. I know, she is a fantastic artist, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. That is awsome, I came by via pinterest, I must say I'm impressed.